Thursday, June 21, 2012

Room 19's Character Descriptions (Cameo Writing)

We used an example of Roald Dahl's descriptive writing to help us identify and then use langauge features such as similes, repetition, metaphors and powerful adjectives. Check out our amazing descriptions!

He was a big dragon with big wings and a big tail.  He was as tall as a sky scraper.  He acted like a bold eagle, I used to think to myself each time I saw him; a very swift type of eagle with amazing scales and razor sharp claws; a quick and energetic and hungry dragon.
By Dixon

He was a giant man with a giant face and giant legs.  His arms were as strong as ten rhinos combined.  He was a sort of huge caveman.  I still think now he could be an evolved caveman with lots of muscles and hair and a deep voice.
By Aidan

She was a very kind girl with a kind attitude and kind bright eyes.  Her eyes were as bright as stars.  She was some sort of pixie, I used to think to myself each time I saw her; a very polite sort of pixie with frizzy blonde hair and bright blue eyes.  A quick, clever little pixie with a bright pink pair of shoes, a flashing smile and a high voice.
By Gabrielle

He was a serious fish with a serious look and a serious attitude.  He was so mean that you would think that he was a horror house.  He was some sort of catfish.  He looked like he was wearing a tuxedo.  He had no smile and a small teeny hat and a big tail.
By Shivana
She was a cheerful girl with cheerful eyes and a cheerful mouth.  Her face was as bright as the sun.  She was some sort of star.  Happy, as I used to think to myself, every time I saw her; a very enthusiastic sort of star with gleaming electric blue eyes and brown soft hair; a joyful clever smile with little legs and a quick way of walking.
By Veronica

We hope you enjoyed reading our descriptions!

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